GANG to GAPV (Green Acres Neighborhood Garden)


IMG_0068The Green Acres Neighborhood Garden began when the corner lot next to Ann Kreilkamp went up for sale. Neighbors on the other side already worked closely with Ann on permaculture home economy, so Ann went out on a financial limb and bought the house, turning the large and very public yard into a community garden.

Each year, the garden offers a place for neighbors of all ages to get their hands in the dirt, improve their gardening skills, and take workshops on gardening through the seasons. Increasingly, the garden has attracted community support. Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs has a course that regularly collaborates with the garden.

Equally important, this garden is part of a larger permaculture vision for the Green Acres community. Contact us to read about the Green Acres Plan.

Read about our previous workshops, follow Ann’s journey, or current news about GANG’s transformation to GAPV: Green Acres Permaculture Village.


I really appreciated the GANG workshops. The hands-on portion gave me valuable experience building and stocking a healthy pond, while the theoretical part inspired a neighbor and me to build a productive Hugelkultur garden on a strip of lawn between our two houses. — Kev Polk

As a student, I found working along side community members, learning how to grow my own food was not only beneficial in reducing my carbon footprint, but it helped make me an active community member where I was able to be a part of the “bigger” picture. This community garden has the opportunity to help change the lives of many other Bloomington residents and I
can’t wait to see it grow! — Melissa

I’ve loved my classes at the GANG garden. Without that hands-on experience, along with expert teachers, I don’t think I’d ever have had the courage to begin a garden of my own!” — Susan Knilans

I’ve taken several permaculture-related workshops at the GANG, and have found them very valuable. They’ve contributed to the success of my own home garden, from which I’ve given considerable surplus to Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, a local food pantry. And the GANG has added to my interest in local food issues, so I’m now the coordinator of the Bloomington Commission on Sustainability’s food committee. — David Parkhurst