ARC Programming

ARC's current work focuses on partnerships and coalitions both within and adjacent to the Permaculture community, with the goal of connecting both within the Pc community and to the many other communities working in support of regenerative cultures.

Program Areas

Our work includes supporting individuals and groups by connecting them to resources and to one another. Our evolving work falls into these overlapping areas:


We improve existing networks and foster new ones, especially those that contribute to a more diverse Permaculture ecosystem

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We serve as a thought partner for like-minded groups, offer organizational mentorship, and provide fiscal support to qualified organizations or projects

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We document and disseminate stories about replicable local and regenerative programs and projects that center social justice and successful land conservation and acquisition strategies.

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Listen to David Holmgren talk about the permaculture flower (mp3 – 1.20MB).

Network and Connect for Impact

No one builds a network, or a movement, alone. ARC connects individuals and groups to one another for healing and empowerment, and documents those connections. Have your PDC and wanting to connect? Are you doing work to create and support regenerative communities? Join PcX (The Permaculture Exchange) -- a joint project with the Permaculture Institute of North America.

Partner, Advise, and Support

Our best hope for a regenerative future is to nurture and support one another. Is your organization or community curious about permaculture? We are happy to be a thought partner so we can learn about your work too! We can also connect individuals and groups to allied organizations and provide mentorship  and advice to groups just getting started or requiring organizational support. We are experienced serving as a fiscal sponsor or agent for qualified groups -- a service we have provided to PINA since 2015. For example, ARC received the funds for Fire Ecology Restoration Project at PINA, pictured here.

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Showcase and Disseminate

Finally, we will share stories, case studies, and examples of regenerative work to inspire others and serve as models. We can also help document your work by recording your stories. We want to hear about successful, replicable local and regenerative programs and projects that center social justice as well as examples of successful land conservation and acquisition strategies.


In all our activities, we strive to apply Permaculture ethics and principles as we: 

  • Work from the ground up to nurture the producer elements of society and to integrate people and land into empowered collectives
  • Listen and learn, in order to cultivate mutually beneficial alliances with diverse organizations and collectives that share our values and goals
  • Leverage the good work, assets, and gifts of existing groups through networking and sharing 
  • Support cooperative land acquisition and the long-term perenniality of landscapes.
  • Identify, support, and make respectful common cause with diverse practitioners, including and not limited to People of Color, Indigenous, Woman, Marginalized Populations, and Beginning practitioners.

Contact us to learn more

We'd love to hear what you are doing in your communities and determine whether partnership might be mutually beneficial. Please reach out!

For more on programs and projects previously sponsored by ARC, please see our Founders' Vision and History page.