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The Association for Regenerative Culture (ARC), a 501(c)3 non-profit since 2005, supports and leverages regional and local efforts to transition to an equitable, inclusive, and regenerative culture of place.

Our mission is three-fold:

Network Permaculture Practitioners,

Promote Public Demonstration Sites,

Support Permaculture Education.

ARC supports the training of individuals with appropriate tools, skills, and practices and promotes resourceful and self-reliant communities and the bioregional organization of society.

ARC sponsors the following:

arc sponsors statement

ARC accomplishes these initiatives by teaching permaculture principles and strategic techniques, networking educators and practitioners, and supporting demonstration sites.

Read more about our Founder’s Vision.


  • Supported Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) classes in VA, OH, IL, resulting in over 165 PDC graduates.
  • Supported establishment of Blue Ridge Permaculture Network in Central Virginia Bioregion.
  • Passed through to Permaculture groups 93-98% of $265,000.00 in cash and computer donations since 2009.
  • Sponsors and participants in the North American Permaculture Convergences NAPC14 and NAPC16.

This work strengthens vital relationships between the human and natural worlds by promoting the bioregional organization of society; the development of resourceful and self-reliant communities, and the empowerment of individuals with appropriate tools, skills, and practices.


  • Development of Green Acres Neighborhood Garden (GANG) over ten years as a public teaching, demonstration, and community building site which has evolved into Green Acres Permaculture Village (GAPV)
  • Birthed ARC Technology Lending Library program to reuse surplus equipment.

Post Office Box 1303, Waynesville, North Carolina, USA 28786

Co-creating a resilient world