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Welcome to the Association for Regenerative Culture

The Association for Regenerative Culture (ARC), a 501(c)3 non-profit since 2005, supports and leverages regional and local efforts in the transition to equitable, inclusive, and regenerative cultures of place.

Our Vision

The growth economy is exceeding biospheric limits that are essential to life. It is time to transition from a transactional to a relational, regenerative, and just society. The collective action required for this transition requires access to land, collective healing of trauma, and respect for local and indigenous communities and cultures.

ARC's vision is to contribute to the creation of a regenerative, relational, and just social order.

New - Seeking Board Members!

The Association for Regenerative Culture (ARC) Board is looking for new Board Members who will bring fresh ideas, energy, and commitment, along with your own special skills and a passion for phasing in new programs and supporting permaculture practitioners. Our working board at present plays many roles that may be assigned to staff as we grow.

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What We Do

Listen to David Holmgren talk about the permaculture flower (mp3 – 1.20MB).

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Fire Ecology Restoration Project - Quenching the Fire

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How can we help?

ARC has a history of supporting permaculture (Pc) education and building community to support Pc initiatives. We now seek to support and nurture a multisector movement that networks and integrates Pc and adjacent communities for greater collective impact.