Technology Lending Library

ARC Technology Lending Library program

184020_10150740790135367_6036008_nThe Association for Regenerative Culture has initiated a Technology Lending Library project. The purpose of this project is to accept charitable contributions of new and used technological equipment ( laptops, projectors, portable sound systems, DVD players, software, microphones, etc. or cash donations to support the project) to be loaned to qualified Permaculture teachers and regional Permaculture organizations/guilds, etc.

Greater availability and co-sharing of equipment will allow greater public outreach and information exchange with increase levels of professional presentation. Priority will be given to established Permaculture teachers and organizations east of the Mississippi, the focus area of ARC support. This supports ARC’s mission to promote Permaculture Education, Support and Network practitioners, and support Public Demonstrations and outreach.

Donors can register their equipment to be donated by contacting ARC Librarian, presently Lee Barnes, PO Box 1303, Waynesville, NC 28786. 828-452-5716. ARC will examine requests, prioritize needs and wants, and provide donors shipping addresses. Donors will provide and receive charitable donation for shipping costs to approved applicants or ARC will provide shipping/handling.


Applicants need to submit equipment requests and provide evidence of teaching and outreach needs. Applicants are required to document and report annually usage including specific courses/workshops and number of persons impacted. Applicants are expected to maintain equipment in good working order and provide routine maintenance and repair costs. The equipment must be actively used or offered for redistribution to additional approved applicants.