The Association for Regenerative Culture (ARC) is a charitable initiative supporting transition to an ethical culture of place.

ARC promotes an informed understanding of the value and responsibility for personal and planetary transformation at culture’s edge in eastern North America.

ARC trains and grounds individuals with appropriate tools, skills, and practices; promotes resourceful and self-reliant communities and the bioregional organization of society.

ARC sponsors the following:

Education—materials, activities, events, and trainings that inspire and empower individuals to create permanent culture–that is, scalable and interconnected plant, animal, and human communities.
Networking and Support—for teachers and practitioners of permaculture.
Demonstration and Implementation Sites—that explore, experiment, and innovate with permaculture.

ARC accomplishes these initiatives by teaching permaculture principles and strategic techniques; networking educators and practitioners; and supporting demonstration sites.  This work strengthens vital relationships between the human and natural worlds by promoting the bioregional organization of society; the development of resourceful and self-reliant communities; and the empowerment of individuals with appropriate tools, skills, and practices.