Bloomington, Indiana

Permaculture projects of various kinds and extent have been in cropping up in Bloomington ever since Professor David Haberman of Indiana University began inviting Peter Bane and Keith Johnson to teach a Permaculture Design Course through the university in 2002.

With the formation of the Bloomington Permaculture Guild in July 2006, creation of the Green Acres Neighborhood “village design” to the city in 2007, and the creation of the Green Acres Neighborhood Garden (GANG) in 2008, which after a few years evolved into into Green Acres Permaculture Village (GAPV), permaculture-inspired projects have been sprouting up in this midwestern town.

Individual sites, interconnection with farming groups, resource groups,  urban planning, the Bloomington Peak Oil Task Force Report (for which Peter Bane authored an inspired chapter on “Food”), a number of local projects that utilize the  501c3 Center for Sustainable Living as a funding umbrella, support from and with educators and designers, and many other groups have proven fruitful for expanding and connecting webs of permanent cultures in this area.