GANG Update 2017

GANG: Update 2017:

After three years of workshops in the GANG garden, we began a gradual transition which resulted in the garden itself transforming into a subset of the community, rather than the principal focus of community. In 2014, Rebecca Ellsworth, an organic market gardener for 40 years, moved in and became the Director, not only of the gardens but of the property itself. In 2016, we established the Green Acres Village ( “community from the ground up,” seeing our village as nested inside the Green Acres Neighborhood, including gardens in what are now the front and back yards of three houses, all adjacent to each other. We also garden the backyard of the house across the street. Also in 2016, we established a small, successful CSA with three members. For the 2017 season we have decided not to do the CSA, but instead to sell our extra produce possibly to restaurants, or possibly to individuals, from a stand set upon the edge of the Village. We are also increasingly experimenting with various land-based, value-added businesses springing up in the Village, including ferments and teas, with the label Green Acres Alchemy.

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